Online College Degree Education

Online College Degree Education Students that are seeking a online college degree education may initially find some of the recruiters to be a bit too persistent. This is a good reason not to sign up immediately without first researching a little bit about each school that you are interested in. Phoenix University is one school […]

Masters Degree Online Programs

Masters Degree Online Programs The online Masters Degree is becoming one of the most coveted degrees online. Students that have graduated from traditional colleges are finding that Masters Degree Online Programs fit around their busy schedules allowing them to work and go to school at their own pace. Online Masters Degree Programs are offered in […]

Inexpensive Date Night

Date night Date night is something that so many in college look forward to; whether you are used to going dating or going on your first date.  But what if you have nearly no money because you are in college? . Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with some fun activities to do without spending too much money on your date […]

Kissing Tips

Tips for kissing girls Kissing is probably one of those things that most people would rather do than talk about but some people may think they need kissing tips so here are some things to keep in mind when you are kissing a woman.  There aren’t a lot of things you need to do but […]

Dating Game Online

Playing the game through the internet Playing the dating game online is so different than playing the dating game when you meet someone in person.  You don’t get to show off the way you dress or your body language so you need to make sure that as you are meeting people online, that you show […]

3 Things That Will Help You Survive the Break Up

Have you recently broken up with your partner on college? Do you currently feel as if you will never love again and that your life will never be the same without that special someone? In reality it probably won’t be the same but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes two people are […]

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  • Medical College Celebrating First Class Graduation

    Medical College Celebrating First Class Graduation

    The Yakima College for Medicine has their official first class graduating.  This Washington based college for medicine is attached to the PNWU Health Science (Pacific Northwest) and has now produced their first class of osteopathic doctors.  In all, sixty-nine of the seventy-five students compose the graduating class of 2012.  Each student has been placed in […]

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    Look Good in College – Cosmetics Tips

    Look Good in College – Cosmetics Tips Let’s not fool ourselves, we run to class in pajamas, dirty hair and hardly ever have the time for cosmetics except may be a quick foundation, concealer or lipstick. If that’s you, then you don’t have to forgo using makeup and mascara. What you need are some tips […]

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