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Software for College Planning and Organization

Managing a business often becomes a cumbersome task. This is especially true for small ventures since the big players on the market either possess adequate manpower, or they have enough alternates. Fortunately, there comes business management software; a utility that is known to make all management things easy to handle. So the obvious question is: […]

Medical College Celebrating First Class Graduation

Medical College Celebrating First Class Graduation

The Yakima College for Medicine has their official first class graduating.  This Washington based college for medicine is attached to the PNWU Health Science (Pacific Northwest) and has now produced their first class of osteopathic doctors.  In all, sixty-nine of the seventy-five students compose the graduating class of 2012.  Each student has been placed in […]

Online Colleges

Do Online Justice Degrees Have Merit?

Justice Degrees As with any online college degree program, regardless if it is a Bachelors Degree in Science or an Associates in Justices studies, the online college must be accredited.  If the credits that you pay for and earn from an online college do not transfer to traditional US schools, then it is a waste […]

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Look Good in College – Cosmetics Tips

Look Good in College – Cosmetics Tips Let’s not fool ourselves, we run to class in pajamas, dirty hair and hardly ever have the time for cosmetics except may be a quick foundation, concealer or lipstick. If that’s you, then you don’t have to forgo using makeup and mascara. What you need are some tips […]

Master of Education Online Degree How to Get Your College Portfolio Noticed

College Portfolio You’ll spend about 40% of your college career building your portfolio to start your career. You probably won’t start until two years into your college and that’s not necessarily the best time to start. You can start promoting your college portfolio much sooner by gaining leverage on the internet with a dot me […]

Master of Education Online Degree

Online College Degree Education

Online College One of the best things about online colleges is that it leaves more time to go out when you want. While you still have homework, have to study for exams and quizzes, it is done at a much different pace than traditional colleges. That means that college students have more time to socialize […]

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Online Colleges Universities

Online Colleges Universities With less jobs and more people competing for them, online colleges universities and online courses are in demand as students gear up to compete for positions in their fields. Many have found that the best way to secure a position in their chosen field is to work while they are going to […]

Online College Degree Education

Online College Degree Education

Online College Degree Education Students that are seeking a online college degree education may initially find some of the recruiters to be a bit too persistent. This is a good reason not to sign up immediately without first researching a little bit about each school that you are interested in. Phoenix University is one school […]

Online Masters Programs

Masters Degree Online Programs

Masters Degree Online Programs The online Masters Degree is becoming one of the most coveted degrees online. Students that have graduated from traditional colleges are finding that Masters Degree Online Programs fit around their busy schedules allowing them to work and go to school at their own pace. Online Masters Degree Programs are offered in […]

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Inexpensive Date Night

Date night Date night is something that so many in college look forward to; whether you are used to going dating or going on your first date.  But what if you have nearly no money because you are in college? . Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with some fun activities to do without spending too much money on your date […]