How to Get Your College Portfolio Noticed

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You’ll spend about 40% of your college career building your portfolio to start your career. You probably won’t start until two years into your college and that’s not necessarily the best time to start. You can start promoting your college portfolio much sooner by gaining leverage on the internet with a dot me domain website. The purpose in doing this in your freshman year, is that you will be clout by having a 4 year old website by the time you are done with your Bachelors. You will be able to gain more exposure with a dot me website and will give yourself a better chance at having your work seen by recruiters and employers.

Dot Me Domains for College Portfolios

First, go to and find a dot me domain that will best suit your endeavor. You should try to select a dot me domain that is short and memorable. Then, build up the site and continually add to it as your portfolio grows. This will give you very developed website when you are done with your studies and you should already be getting offers by the time you are done with your fourth year.

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