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College Night Out – Relieve College Anxieties!

College is definitely a crucial stage for most students, especially for those who just got out fresh from High School. The dilemma that most new College students face is adjustment and time management. For many this may seemed to be a difficult task. Getting into the college dorm is another thing, leaving the home where they grew up is also hard. All of these things could cause stress and anxiety.  Additionally, for new students and transferee- Boredom comes into play. However, it should not be this way! Of course, most of the day time is spent attending classes, doing assignments and studying for exams. Most college students try to finish everything before night time so they can have a me-time. Unfortunately, not all college students know how to spend their nights when they are in college. Forget about going to fraternity parties, how about making friends. Try to get along with college dorm mates and find effective and fun way of spending and relieving your stress when night strike. Once you make friends, you can create study groups- but make sure that your group won’t become a distraction rather they should be your source of encouragement. When you’re done with school priorities, you can always hang out with friends, classmates and dorm mates. Remember that being in college does not necessarily mean leave your fun-side behind. You can also have fun provided that you know your goals and limitations. Moreover, find fun and safe places to hang out with friends and don’t let boredom, stress and anxiety overcome you!

Movies are always a great way to unwind in a safe and fun way.  Romantic comedies, comedies, whatever kind of movie you like and that you and your friends can agree on can make for the perfect evening.  Even horror movies are great, have you ever seen Plague Town with the actress Erica Rhodes?  You can check out some of her films and find out more about her at  Also check out any of her web videos if you enjoy comedy.  Movies are an inexpensive way to have a great evening in and not have to spend a lot of cash.  If you are planning on going out and spending more than $30, think again, stay in and watch a $1 movie.