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Playing the dating game online is so different than playing the dating game when you meet someone in person.  You don’t get to show off the way you dress or your body language so you need to make sure that as you are meeting people online, that you show your confidence through the way you talk.  And be careful not to mix the meanings of confidence and cockiness.  If you come off cocky, it usually is a turn off and you will not be playing the dating game online you wish you were.

When you meet someone online and you begin talking to them, be yourself.  If you are being you chances are you are showing confidence in your dating game online without even trying.  When you put on a front, you tend to lead towards cocky and you will turn off a potential date.  So be careful to know where the line is drawn.  Acting yourself when meeting someone new shows them that you are okay with being you and confident that you will find someone who also loves you.  Not only that, but putting out a front may cause problems later on in the relationship when your partner begins to see through it.  In this instance, you have to show yourself off all in words and pictures, which can only go so far but you want to make sure that your words present you the way you are, so be careful what you say because text is often misinterpreted.

The dating game online is different but also possible.  Just keep in mind that text is easily misinterpreted because there is no tone of voice or body language and that if you are acting like you, then you are showing confidence in yourself which most people would consider a turn on.  This will help your online dating to be a more positive experience.

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