Do Online Justice Degrees Have Merit?

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As with any online college degree program, regardless if it is a Bachelors Degree in Science or an Associates in Justices studies, the online college must be accredited.  If the credits that you pay for and earn from an online college do not transfer to traditional US schools, then it is a waste of money.  A legitimate degree, including online justice degrees can only be awarded from a school that maintains accreditation.

Just because an online school tells you todo a barrel roll or that they hold accreditation, you should not believe it without proof.  There are four regional agencies for accrediting schools.  Other schools that might lie about their status are often located physically in other countries and don’t necessarily adhere to the guidelines and laws of the United States.

There is a form of accreditation that some traditional colleges and employers may not accept and that is from the Distance Education Training Council or (DETC).  Currently, some seem DETC accreditation as not holding as much weight as regional accreditation.  While DETC is highly respected and recognized as legitimate, those high standards still sometimes cause problems in transferring credits to other educational institutions.  If you are planning on transferring credits to a traditional college later then you may want to investigate first before you find out later that your credits are not good at the college of your choice.


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