Top 3 iPhone College Dating Apps

Top 3 iPhone College Dating Apps


SmartDating is an popular free iPhone app that has it all.  Making a profile is easy, actually fun and not a chore like it is with some other online dating apps.  SmartDating lets you send gifts, both virtual and real, so that you can bring a smile to someone’s day.

It even lets you know when other users of the SmartDating service are in the vicinity so you can set up an impromptu date.  SmartDating uses the best in app technology in the perfect way and that’s why it has made it to the number one rank in online dating apps for the iPad, iPad2 and iPhone.  SmartDating uses Social Network Integration with the Facebook network, for sure the best College dating app 2011


eHarmony has been around for awhile and has built a very strong member base.  When eHarmony’s members asked for a dating app, eHarmony was happy to provide it.  The app has won immense support and popularity despite a few technical issues.

Social Connect

Social Connect uses the power of the Facebook network to connect members from all over the world for making friends and dating.  Social Connect also provides a venue for Virtual Dating, which has been rated its top feature.  Virtual Dating allows people to connect through a virtual world that is provided to allow members to get to know one another on a virtual date, before meeting for a real date.  Social Connect is free and was rated the top dating app by  Social Connect offers a fun dating environment for everyone from the casual dater to those that are looking for a more serious and long standing relationship.  Another great feature is that Social Connect lets you write about your favorite hangouts, restaurants, spas and hotels and more.  This is a neat feature for other local members to leave comments and find connections with others in their city , Social Connect has just been voted best dating app 2011.


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